What is BEMER-Therapy?

The word BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. This relatively novel therapy helps to regulate the flow of energy in your body. BEMER therapy was developed in 1997-1998 to meet the growing need of functional therapies which without the use of medicaments.

Every life process is influenced by electromagnetic energy.  and have an impact on the biology and metabolism of the human body. The self-regulating mechanisms and self-healing power functions best when the body has a sufficient supply of energy. When an organism has a sufficient supply of energy it is resistant, healthy and powerful. Nowadays because of the modern way of life, many people constantly suffer from a lack of energy. Modern man, through denaturalised nutrition and lack of exercise produces too little energy and uses more energy because of stress and increasing environmental pollution than in earlier times.

Fabian Cancellara goes Bemer

The picture below shows Swiss professional bicycle racer Fabian Cancellara in Bemer Therapy.

Fabian Cancellara does Bemer Therapy

What are the consequences of this unfavourable energy balance?

Loss of power, early aging, chronic sickness and a higher risk of contracting infectious diseases are some of the associated symptoms. The Bemer therapy is a natural treatment that utilises special electromagnetic impulses. Using BEMER-Therapy people can achieve their individually optimal level of health, strength and quality of life.

How does Bemer Therapy help?

Limited sleep, excessive stress and having an unbalanced regular diet can slow down the pumping activity of the minuscule blood vessels. Over a period of time the organs and tissues are deficient in supply it can result in a complete decline of mental and physical fitness. Result; disease, disorders and pain. Bemer Therapy is well known for counteracting this.

Bemer Therapy aids and supports better healing, relief from back pain, muscle pain, burnout, stress and stumulates the overall physical and mental performance.

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